Welcome to SummaTRON

SummaTRON is a project using the latest technologies in the world of cryptocurrencies, and working on TRON.NETWORK.

SummaTRON-Shop is a MarketPlace for eBooks in NFT format, each eBook is individually minted associated with the TRC71 Token, SummaeBook (EBKNFT).

Each NFT has a json file associated with it where it is linked to the ebook. All these files are stored in BTFs (Bit Torrent File System)

We have to automate the process of selling the NFTs, meanwhile in the Shop menu you can choose one of the books, send 0.000001 TRON to the ebook owner address, the first book's owner is TKwtYQe4HfkjBe4yjiHdQamp8oRnNTgZXe , and to the paying address we will send the NFT of the chosen book. When you receive it, we trust that you will send us the price of the NFT which is 10 TRON.

For now we mint each NFT one by one. The value of the NFTs is in the content and in its novelty, WE ARE CREATING the future.

Be one of the first to have your first NFT, our books are original, they will not be the Gutenberg Bible, but the first ebooks minted under an NFT.

The process is very simple.

  1. Enter in the Shop menu.
  2. Select one of the books.
  3. Transfer 0.000001 TRON (can use TronLink) with a description or note with the name of the chossen book (this is an order of the book).
  4. We will mint the book with a unique serial number.
  5. We hope you send us the 10 TRONs.
If you are a writer and have an ebook, you can add it to Shop by registering your product. You need to include an image and the json associated with the ebook in BTFS (BitTorrent File System). You can view the process here or contact us at info@summatron.com.

All e-books are in BFTS, and operations are carried out on the TRON network, Shop is only responsible for linking buyers with sellers.


Go to Shop, clicking over the menu option

Look for a eBook and click over the book image"

Click over the button for paying with TronLink

Confirm the transaction. In the address you will get the EBKNFT asociated to the selected eBook.

You can view the yours EBKNFT tokens, and the eBook associated using the menu option "View". First you must connect Tronlink."

Click on the menu option "View"

Copy the address from Tronlink or write the address in the editbox

Search the EBKNFT tokens.

If you don't have a epub read installed in the computer, install for example EPUBReader Chrome extension, and click on the link

Finally, you can read your eBook, associted to the EBKNFT.

For viewing the associated eBook of your EBKNFT directly from TRON Blockchain, follow these steps.
In Tronscan connect your wallet and locate your NFT whose name is SummeBook (EBKNFT), the TokenID number is shown

Enter the hash and you will be able to see all the operation data, copy the tokeURI and pay it in the browser

The json file is downloaded where you can find the name of the ebook, the description and the address of the file, copy that URL and paste it in the browser.

The ebook will be downloaded and if you have a reader installed you will be able to view it on your device


Currently a large amount of user information and internet traffic is concentrated in a few corporations such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Snapchat. TRON tries to mitigate this control by giving ownership of the information returned to its creators.

TRON is open and decentralized platform and distributed storage technology will allow digital content creators to eliminate intermediaries such as Apple Store and Google Play. In this way content producers obtain their profits directly from consumers, without intermediaries.

Electronic books, music, photos, articles, etc. they can be easily marketed without intermediaries to make the payment.

Banks, Visa, Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc. they take much of the amount of operations, basically because until now there was no alternative.

The transactions carried out in TRON are traceable, through Tronscan.org, the 2 participants in the purchase / sale can see the result of the operation.

This functionality replaces the need to contact your bank or Visa, when a transaction is "lost". But it does not replace the possible scammers, TRON improves technology, not the morality of people.
Shop you can see an example of how to sell an e-book without registration, payment gateway or cookies "to improve the experience".

How to use TRON?

TRON was born with the aim of assembling an architecture based on blockchain and that manages to execute 10,000 transactions per second.
Its currency is called Tronix (TRX), and 100,000 million have been issued.

The TRXs are stored in an electronic wallet, wallet in English. Wallet for mobile, allow Payment, Sending or reception of TRX with other accounts in trones.

With this capacity it can be used as a means of payment in all types of transactions, but also as a form of identification without the need for registration, since only the user has access to his TRX account.

A System capable of executing operations in less than 1 second has a multitude of utilities. In Shop you can try a purchase / sale system without registration, with immediate payment without the need for credit cards, and with the possibility of registering and modifying the information of a product safely only by the creator.
It's Internet 4.0, out of control of Facebook, Google or Amazon.