What is Shop?

Shop is a Marketplace based on BTFS, for digital products whose payment is made exclusively with TRX. NFT tecnology is soported by this Marketplace.
Buyers will only have to use their wallet to pay or send the product price.

The seller will automatically receive the TRX in his account. SummaTRON send de NFT to the buyer address. All without intermediaries, without registration process, mail accounts or cookies "that improve the user experience".

So simple , so fast .

You can try it by clicking on the first book in the list, its price is 10 TRX (1.3 $).

What Products?

All digital product, that is downloadable from the web, can be published in Shop.
Electronic books, music, photographs, comics, logos, drawings (portraits), documents, notes, Master's final projects, etc.
If you are a creator and are looking for an alternative way to offer your creations to users, Shop is your platform.
Until now there were only 2 alternatives: give away the work indexed by Google or leaving the value of the sale in the hands of intermediaries and Visa.

Inserting Products

In product registration you will be able to register new digital products. No registration will be necessary, the TRX account is the entry key.
The image and the product can be linked in an external page (or upload it to Shop), in Summatron / Shop there will only be the description, the price and the TRX account of collection.
This way you can check that downloads and payments match,
This is decentralization and freedom on the Internet 4.0 thanks to TRON !!.

How does SummaTron earn money?

TRON is the key, to update the information of the products there is no record, so to ensure who is the owner must pay 1 TRX to get access, verifying that the owner of the product is the owner of the TRX account.

In addition donations are always accepted to maintain and grow this project.